Chiropractic adjustments for all ages,
to keep you doing what you love.

What to expect

We pride ourselves on listening to everything that you have to say and creating the best care recommendation for you. The initial consultation and follow up report will include.

  • Full health history
  • Orthopedic testing
  • Neurological testing
  • Range of motion
  • Digital postural screening
  • X-ray referral if required
  • Personalized care recommendation
Chiropractic Brisbane


Chiropractic Brisbane
Chiropractic Brisbane

The Office Worker

Neck pain, headaches and lower back pain from sitting at an office chair all day.  We see the effects that this can have on your sleep, concentration, ability to exercise and enjoying time with your family.  You don’t need to suffer.  Our chiropractic adjustments have been effective in helping people reduce pain and get their lives back.

Chiropractic Brisbane

Manual Worker

Shoulders, back, and neck sore from constant lifting and working.  These problems can seriously affect your earning potential and longevity in your job.  We have years of experience in helping people reduce their pain so they can not only keep working but keep doing the things they want to do outside of work.


The Pregnant Mother

Hip and lower back pain as your baby grows inside you.  The changes happening inside you are nothing short of a miracle, but doesn’t it put some pressure on your body!  We have gentle and safe techniques that can help take pressure off your body and give your little baby room inside the womb to grow and thrive.

Growing Child

Growing Child

The developing child learning to operate their body.  Childbirth, learning to walk and learning how to operate your body can result in multiple twists and turns to your spine.  We have safe and effective techniques to help your child’s growing nervous system be more aware of its environment, resulting in an increased ability to grow healthy and strong.

Chiropractic Brisbane

Ageing Adult

A lifetime of living that is giving pain in the back and neck.  This can affect mobility and quality of life.  Our low force chiropractic techniques can keep your body moving so you can continue to enjoy all the things you love in life.

Chiropractic Brisbane

Body & Soul offers the best chiropractic care in Brisbane

Chiropractic uses adjustments of the spine to restore function, allowing the body to operate at its highest level.  We utilize a mixture of different chiropractic techniques from diversified, SOT, Webster, activator and flexion distraction.  With utilizing a vast array of technique’s, we are able to care for people from newborn through to their 100’s.  Chiropractic doesn’t add years to your life, but life to your years.

Meet Dr. Robert Schmidt

Hi, my name is Dr Rob and I’m looking forward to being your new chiropractor.  It is my mission to help as many people as possible achieve their best level of health, so they can be the best versions of themselves.

I have dedicated countless hours studying and learning chiropractic techniques from the best educators in the world, so I can provide the most relevant and effective treatment to care for the community.

When I’m not in the practice you will find me at the gym, out surfing, riding my motorbike or doing everything in my power to make my beautiful daughter laugh.